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Maximize your logistics performance with Babeldat WMS & TMS

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Flexible and modular SaaS WMS and TMS.

Our flexible SaaS WMS and TMS have been developed to meet the needs of both logistics companies and production companies with their own inventories and can be seamlessly adapted to your business dynamics.

Real-time inventory management and insight into order statuses.

Real-time insight into stocks and order statuses for yourself and your customers, which contributes to transparent and efficient business operations.

Easy integration and 24/7 support.

Experience easy integration with other systems and continuous support for uninterrupted operational efficiency and peace of mind.

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The benefits of Babeldat

Real-time information and transparency

Babeldat offers real-time insight into stock levels, order statuses and transport orders. This ensures improved transparency and control over logistics processes, both for your own organization and for customers.

Flexibility and scalability

Babeldat offers a modular solution that can be adapted to the specific needs of your business, without the need for programming. This makes the system flexible and scalable, suitable for both small and large organizations in the transport and logistics sector as well as other sectors.

Efficient inventory management and order processing

Babeldat’s WMS enables efficient inventory management through functions such as barcode scanning, order processing via Android Apps and automatic invoicing. Orders can be processed quickly and accurately, leading to higher operational efficiency.

Ease of use and integration

Babeldat’s WMS and TMS modules are designed with ease of use in mind, supported by integrations with other systems such as accounting packages and e-commerce platforms. This allows data to be exchanged seamlessly between different systems, which promotes operational coherence.

Experiences from our customers

"Thanks to Babeldat's WMS and TMS, we can now seamlessly manage and optimize every phase of our logistics chain."

George de Greef – CFO at Electronic Logistics

"Babeldat's WMS provides us with an integrated solution for managing orders from Shopify, Lightspeed, and more, enabling us to respond quickly to the dynamic demands of the market."

Jan van Vlokhoven – CTO at Modexpress